While the importance of content and keywords stay steady in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), other aspects of SEO are constantly changing, making today’s SEO look almost nothing like it did 5 years ago, or even 1 year ago. Because of this, each year we have to stop and look ahead at the future of SEO, and how we can use emerging trends to create the best SEO strategies possible for the upcoming year. As we head into the new decade, here are four SEO trends that are going to matter for 2020. 


Google’s latest algorithm update, BERT is something that will be changing SEO for 2020 and beyond. BERT analyzes the structure of a search, so it can weed-out keyword-flooded pages, and focus more on the context in which the keywords are used. Ultimately, this update is making it easier for Google to understand language like humans do. While there is no way to optimize for BERT yet, SEO strategists can focus more on writing content with human intent and less on writing out keyword strings that a user might search, since BERT’s main focus is on allowing search to better understand natural, human language.

#2 High-Quality Content

As always, content will remain the lifeblood of every SEO strategy in 2020, however the quality of the content is more important than ever. Users are attracted to timely, relevant content, and they will often close out of any content that is salesy, or seems to be thrown together strictly to put some keywords on the page. Businesses should focus on hiring writers who can really write, so they can put useful information on their websites in the form of blogs, articles, videos, and more. This way, Google will also rank your content higher, since your website is giving users the answers they are searching for.

#3 Voice Search

While the use of Siri, Amazon Echos, Smart TV’s, Google Home, and the like becoming more and more popular for people to perform searches on, making sure your website is optimized for voice search is a trend you should be following for 2020. In a voice search, users are more likely to ask questions versus entering a string of keywords into a search bar, so SEO strategists should focus on using more conversational, long-tail keyword phrases versus short, choppy keywords.

#4 Featured Snippets 

Featured snippets, or the zero position on SERP, are the blocks of information, usually in a short paragraph, list, or table form, that show above the first organic search result. This SERP feature was created to show the exact answer for a user’s question. Since featured snippets steal traffic from even the #1 ranked search result, they are something that SEO strategists should optimize for in 2020. To do so, focus on question-form queries; make sure your content is neatly structured in paragraphs, tables, or lists; and consider adding a Q&A page to your website. Even continuing your proven SEO strategy and landing in the top search result could increase your chance of appearing in the featured snippet.

If you take BERT, high-quality content, voice search, and featured snippets into consideration while building your 2020 SEO strategies, you should start off the new year on the right foot. If you are interested in learning more about how RobMark can propel your business with our SEO services, feel free to contact us today.