A landing page is one of the most crucial parts to any advertising campaign. Whether the source is PPC ads, social media ads, email blasts, or banner ads, landing pages allow us to capture users’ attention at a much higher rate than directing users to an existing webpage because of its focused, direct message. Since landing pages are the cornerstones of lead generation, product sales, data collecting, and more in advertising campaigns, here are six tips for building your highest converting landing page.

Keep the design and copy simple

Information or design overload is one of the most common reasons a user may click immediately off your landing page. When it comes to design, use white space to your advantage, ditch navigations, include only a few captivating photos or videos, and keep your font large enough to be easily read but small enough to not be distracting.

As for your copy, stay focused on the goal of the specific campaign, and do not add in a bunch of other unrelated information. Also, keep your copy simple and organize your information in bullet points to improve readability. Designing your landing page to be free of clutter will keep your users focused on the call to action at hand, thus moving them down your conversion tunnel.

Maintain consistency in the headlines and copy

When a user clicks on your ad, it is the headline and/or text of that specific ad that has grabbed their attention. If they then go to your landing page, and the copy does not match what they saw in your ad, they will likely leave the page instead of digging around for the offer, survey, etc. To keep this confusion from increasing bounce rates, be sure to be consistent in your headlines and copy in ads and landing pages. In a perfect world, your ad elements and landing page elements should almost be identical.

Include a clear and convincing call to action button

One of the most obvious tips for creating an effective landing page is to clearly display your call-to-action button above the fold. However, when designing a landing page, the call-to-action button can occasionally be lost in the content if you are not careful. As a user navigates to your landing page, they may be ready to Book Now, Learn More, Submit Form, etc. immediately, so the button needs to stand out. Since this button is how you turn page visits into conversions, you should work your design around the call-to-action, making sure it stands out on the page.

 Request the minimum amount of information

In today’s society where online privacy issues continue to make headlines, users are more likely to be skeptical of entering their personal information in long forms. When a user comes to your landing page to claim an offer or get in contact with the company, they will be most likely to enter only simple information such as first name, last name, and email address. Because of this, if you are including a form on your landing page, be sure to ask for only the most necessary information from users to keep it short and sweet.

 Display trust elements 

If a user has never interacted with your business before, including trust elements on your landing page will immediately show them that you are a reputable company. Whether you accomplish this by displaying your contact information or social links, including testimonials, or adding membership or award icons, building trust with a new user or showing a current user that others have benefitted from your product or service could make a user more inclined to take the action you are trying to push.


When it comes down to it, testing your landing page is the best way to determine its effectiveness at driving conversions. With A/B testing, you can tune into how users interact with your landing page- which videos they watched, what button they clicked, and more. By learning these interactions, you can find the perfect combination of landing page elements for your audience, ultimately leading to more conversions.

When you create simple yet compelling landing pages, your advertising campaigns benefit immensely. By adhering to these six tips to creating a converting landing page, your next landing page will be more likely to drive home conversions. If you need help creating an advertising campaign with a compelling landing page, contact us today!