Google News Offers New Fact-Check Feature


Ever wonder if the news stories you read on the Internet are actually true? Well, now you don’t have to thanks to Google. Google has launched a new feature that will give publications the option to highlight articles that have been fact checked and are considered accurate.

The new tag, “Fact check,” is meant to help readers find fact checking in news stories from various publications. According to Google’s Head of News, Richard Gingras, fact checking articles has become very popular and more than 100 active sites are conducting thorough fact checks to make sure the information you are reading is accurate. These sites are examining articles about the media, health, education, and, yes, politics, which could be very helpful this election year.

Be mindful that Google is not manually fact checking your stories; that is still the job of the publication. Google is just giving publishers the opportunity to add the “Fact check” label next to their articles. But there is a strict set of criteria that must be met before Google will allow you to add the “Fact check” label to your work. This is accomplished through following Google’s standards and including the new markup called ClaimReview.

Google will look for the ClaimReview markup, and will also be looking at sites that already follow common criteria in fact checking to help determine if the article is truthful. If Google discovers a publication is using the markup but does not meet the required criteria, it may remove the site from Google News. This is intended to help separate fact from fiction for readers. Google launched the new feature on Thursday, October 13, available on the web through Google News and Weather iOS and Android apps, starting with the United Stated and the United Kingdom.

Image Recognition Tool Changes The Way Brands Use The Visual Web

When managing a brand’s social media, it is imperative to track the user-generated content (UGC) that is being curated about the brand. Whether it’s positive or negative, you need to know what is being said. That task has become increasingly difficult as the way people use the Internet changes.

Text, hashtags, comments, and other types of tagging have made it relatively easy for marketers to track what people are saying, however, users are now using less text and more photos, making the tracking process more difficult. According to Brian Kim, Director of Product Management at GumGum, 80% of images that feature a brand are never seen by that brand, but thanks to Mantii, that’s about to change.

Mantii is a new image recognition tool by display advertising platform GumGum that finds photos across the Web that are relevant to a brand, even if they aren’t labeled with hashtags or captions. It can even track imagery associated with a competitor’s brand. Intrigued yet?

This image recognition tool can help PR firms, agencies, and brands control their visual identity as it relates to UGC, from tracking campaigns and social reputations to connecting with top influencers and gaining user insights. This new ability will change the way marketers use social media and the visual web.

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Pooler Chamber of Commerce Business Luncheon

Last Tuesday, Robmark Web’s team attended the Pooler Chamber of Commerce Business Luncheon at the New Birth church in Pooler. Megan Alexa spoke about basic website health and some things to keep in mind if you are looking to update, redesign or build a brand new website.

Read below to see some of the suggestions that Robmark Web had in terms of website health.

Website Recommendations: Optimization, Mobile Support & Social Share Features

Having a great off-site marketing strategy is great, especially when it comes to social media. However, if you’re website is not set up properly, all of the gained traffic will be wasted. In order for a website to be a successful piece of your online marketing strategy, a few things must be in place in terms of website health.

1. Optimization for Search Engines & Users
First and foremost, the website must be properly optimized for search engines and users. This goes beyond just include optimization techniques for search engines by also ensuring the inclusion of relevant, engaging content and features for your users. Consider your business and the features that your website will need to cater to those users.

Also, over time, websites can get very cluttered as more and more pages are added. Always keep organization in mind by keeping your most relevant, high-level pages in the navigation, and categorizing sub-level pages from there.

2. Mobile Support & Responsive Design
Secondly, the website should be mobile-friendly or be fully responsive. As of 2014, mobile traffic has now surpassed desktop traffic to websites. Tablets and mobile phones are increasingly popular, and many people are opting to purchase a mobile device over a full-size desktop or laptop computer. Additionally, search engines, such as Google and Bing, have reported that those websites which do not conform to the latest technology and techniques for supporting mobile devices will see decreased rankings on mobile search results. With this in mind, mobile support is no longer optional, but a necessity.

The best option when looking for mobile support on your website is responsive design. If a responsive design is not an option for your business or budget, option for a fully-functional mobile website can solve this issue. If you are building a separate mobile website, two things must be managed: redirects for all URLs, and tablet-to-mobile responsive layout.

Often times, when a separate mobile website exists, redirects are not thought out in advance. For this reason, shared links through social media and email may be shared on a desktop device, then opened on a mobile device. If redirects are not in place, users will be pulled back to the mobile homepage, which then interrupts the user experience and often time forces a bounce.

Additionally, it is common for mobile websites to only cater to mobile phone users, and often forget the slightly larger display on a tablet device. A tablet-to-mobile responsive layout can alleviate this by providing a fluid layout for iPads, Kindle Fires, iPhones and more. With this solution, the website can cater to any device width, regardless of the viewing environment.

3. Social Share Features
Lastly, websites in relevant industries should include social share features throughout and include the appropriate social media tags to ensure proper display throughout user profiles online.

Social share features provide an easy way for users to share your content on their personal profiles, and by doing so generate traffic back to your website. Do this for industries that make sense. A restaurant or travel-related website may see huge benefits from this, but an insurance agency may not. It all depends on your users and the amount of social activity you’ve seen in the past.

Open Graph tags unify the titles, descriptions and photos of shared pages and encourage a higher click-through-rate. Have you ever shared something on Facebook and noticed the logo pulling as the default image? Or seen an empty description pop up? These kinds of things happen when Open Graph META tags are not properly installed or ignored altogether. Avoid this by asking your development team to ensure they are included in the launch process. Open Graph tags also present additional opportunities to improve your click-through rate from social media. Well thought out, eye-catching headlines and graphics encourage users to click to visit your website to learn more.

We hope that these suggestions help to address some basic website health questions for you. If you have additional questions or inquiries, please contact us through our website. We thank the Pooler Chamber of Commerce for inviting us to the luncheon on Tuesday.

Full-Time Web Specialist Needed

Robmark Web is seeking a web specialist for their digital department. Responsibilities include website content strategy, client coordination, organization, analytics for website projects, digital marketing (including SEM/AdWords, Google Display Network, etc.) and search engine optimization. Ideally, candidates would be well-versed in digital art direction and website strategy, including the role that website content plays in search engine optimization, user experience and client business goals.

Candidate Key Skills:

  • Superior organizational skills
  • Solid writing skills
  • Ability to communicate well with in-house team members and clients
  • Confidence in meeting with clients on a regular basis
  • Ability to manage deadlines both in-house and with clients
  • Content strategy and client pitch process
  • Strong design sense and the ability to art direct web designers to a final product
  • Experience in SEO
  • Knowledge of HTML/CSS is a plus
  • Experience managing digital campaigns (Google AdWords/Google Display Network) is a plus

If you think you fit these requirements, send a resume, cover letter and link to your impressive samples/portfolio for immediate consideration to:
PS: This is a great work environment!

Part-Time Web Developer/Designer Needed

Robmark Web, a division of Robertson & Markowitz Advertising and PR located in historic Savannah, GA, is currently seeking a PART TIME Web Developer/Designer to assist with SEO and other web functions. This is a perfect opportunity for a college student to hone their skills while still in school. Candidates must have command of HTML and CSS, as well as the implementation and maintenance tasks involved in using content management systems.

PHP, MySQL and Javascript a plus. Experience in Flash, Javascript frameworks such as “jQuery” or mobile application development is desirable but not required.  You should also possess basic graphic design skills.  Professional skills required include a proven ability to communicate and work well with teammates, project managers and clients.  It is important for you to be organized and prioritize varied tasks to meet deadlines. You will be working directly under our Sr. Web Developer and Programmer.

If you think you fit these requirements, send a resume cover letter and link to your impressive samples/portfolio for immediate consideration to:   Subject Line: Part Time SEO
PS: This is a great work environment!

Robmark Web Launches Three Revlon Websites

Revlon sites

In 1990, Ted Robertson and Lisa Markowitz Kitchens joined forces and created Savannah’s premier advertising, branding and public relations firm. Today marks Robertson & Markowitz Advertising and Public Relations’ 24th anniversary and what better way to celebrate than with an article in the Savannah Morning News! Robmark Web was featured in Saturday’s paper for launching three new websites for Revlon — Creme of Nature Straight from Eden, Roux Beauty and Lottabody.

In the article, Lisa and Megan discuss the planning and development process we went through to launch the new sites. Creme of Nature Straight From Eden presented a unique challenge because it didn’t have the history the other two hair care lines had. It was a brand new product so the brand and the website were being developed at the same time, which led to a lot of opportunities for R&M to help in different stages of development.

Hopefully this 24th year of business will bring us many more opportunities such as this. We know we wouldn’t still be in business if it weren’t for our outstanding clients and vendors. We are grateful to still be doing what we love in the city we love and look forward to what the next 24 years have in store for us! Thank you for the last 24 years Savannah!