Baldinos Website Launch

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Known for its Giant Jersey Subs and homemade bread, Baldinos was in need of a fresh new look. Our RobMark team first designed a newly revamped Baldinos logo to represent their brand identity, then we designed and programmed a new website to create an online presence for Baldinos in the food industry.

With an eye-catching logo, appealing food photography, and simple website layout, RobMark made it easy for users to find Baldinos’ many menu items, daily specials, catering and franchising information, and multiple locations. Thanks to the new online ordering feature, customers can now easily order ahead and have their Baldinos sub ready to pick up when they arrive.

Check out the new Baldinos website (and order yourself a sub – you won’t regret it!) at!

Facebook Launches Another Clone to Snapchat


The competition for top app continues! Facebook Messenger is the latest Facebook app to mimic the popular photo-disappearing app Snapchat. Snapchat is known for pioneering popular photo-sharing features enjoyed by billions, but that hasn’t stopped Facebook from trying to outshine them. Messenger Day is Facebook Messenger’s latest clone of Snapchat’s popular Stories feature. Messenger Day allows users to add photos and videos where friends can view and reply to them for up to 24 hours before disappearing. The target is to create a more casual means of communication between friends and family with the goal of increasing engagement on Facebook’s main app.

Facebook has a long history of attempts at trying to outdo Snapchat’s Stories feature. In February, the Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp revealed a new feature called Status. WhatsApp’s Status feature allows its users to share images, GIFs and videos for up to 24 hours. Last August, Facebook-owned Instagram released a Snapchat-inspired Stories feature as well. Instagram Stories has become a huge success for Facebook with more than 150 million users daily.

It’s safe to say Facebook seems to be on the right track at competing with Snapchat for user growth. Snapchat’s share price even dropped slightly the morning Facebook announced the release of Messenger Day. Facebook’s Messenger Day has already starting rolling out on iOS and Android devices, so be on the lookout for the newest update! Website Launch

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Robmark Web would like to announce the launch of another website:!

This newly redesigned website showcases beautiful photography and features a directory of things to do in Savannah, Pooler, and West Chatham, along with information on some of the area’s top hotels located near all your travel and business needs. Travelers can browse hotel ratings, amenities, and more to help them choose from MeetSAVANNAH’s three partner hotels conveniently located near the airport, or the Comfort Suites located in Historic Downtown Savannah.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, head to to learn about hotel specials and events happening year round, plus places to eat and shop. From Savannah Bananas baseball games, to trolley rides with Old Savannah Tours, to historic artifacts and exhibits at the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force and shopping at the Tanger Outlets, is here to help guide you as you plan your trip to the Hostess City.

So next time you are looking to plan an unforgettable trip, let the new introduce you to all that the charming city of Savannah has to offer! Now Live!

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Robmark Web is thrilled to announce the newly redesigned! Known for its rich history and beauty, Savannah, GA is easily one of the most popular tourist destinations in the South. With exciting local events, nightlife hotspots, numerous dining options, and popular tourist attractions, why wouldn’t you want to stay in Savannah?

Filled with beautiful photography and an easy to navigate design, the new Stay in Savannah website features listings of some of the best things to see and do during your Savannah vacation. Plus, interactive maps show nearby attractions to help visitors pick which Savannah hotel is the best fit for them.

Website visitors can also learn about holidays and events happening year round, and those traveling for meetings, reunions, or weddings can find the best activities and accommodations for their group. From tours, attractions, and kid-friendly destinations to restaurants, nightlife, and places to stay, this website guides you through all that the city has to offer, which makes organizing your vacation to Savannah a breeze.

So stop by and check out Robmark Web’s newest website,, and start planning your dream trip to the picturesque city of Savannah!

Where has all the web design gone?

Over the years, web design has become quite beautiful. Simple and attractive sites have become the standard, compared to the chaos that was web design in the first twenty years of the Internet.


We should be proud of how far we have come in web design. While working toward more streamlined designs, we have also reaped the benefits of ease of navigation (when done correctly), standardization in building techniques, ease of prototyping, and strict grid layouts lending themselves to responsive design.

The one downfall is that websites are all starting to look the same. Where has all of our creativity gone? There are several factors that are leading to this cookie cutter trend, including the following:

Responsive design: The simplicity of sites has increased in correlation with mobile usage and the need for responsive design. The layouts need to be basic in order for the grid to collapse for a streamlined look on any device.

Layouts: When you take away all the personality from most websites that you see today, you will notice there are only about five common website layouts.

Free Photography: There are several free or cheap stock photography websites that make beautiful photos easily accessible to website designers. Photography makes or breaks a website, so having these attractive, high-resolution assets readily available can be a huge benefit. However, have you noticed there are some pictures that are so attractive and so easily attainable that they are used everywhere?

In most circumstances, a more standard design is the better choice, whether it is due to time or budget constraints. But just because the framework is standard, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun or clever! Let’s get weird. Let’s get out of our web design box. One way we can do this, while keeping the overall design simple and responsive, is to get funky with the layout. Instead of going straight to a template, draw a design on a piece of paper and do something you have never done. When we said think outside the box, we meant literally. Often you see portals or call outs on a website in simple square blocks. Think geometric! And lastly, use stock photography as an idea, not an end product. Add your own spin to the image to make it unique to you and your brand.

Though it seems the majority of sites are all starting to look the same, there are still some incredible designs out there. Follow this link to see some great examples of web designers thinking outside the box.


Top Web Trends for 2016

Every few years there are certain web design trends that become widespread. We have a feeling that some of these web design trends for 2016 will catch on and become the new norm of what a website looks like.


Have you noticed that websites are all starting to look the same? Making things easier or more familiar for the user often means following the crowd. Interfaces have begun to converge and minimalize, partially due to the increase in artificial intelligence. Content is more likely going to be recommended to the user, reducing the customer’s journey through the website. Don’t get us wrong, user experience is still very important, but content is more straight to the point.

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On the flip side of that coin, Matthew Mombrea, founder of Cypress North and software engineer, thinks 2016 will be the year of originality. Video and animation backgrounds are starting to catch on as a way of standing out against more static websites.


Authentic photography

Out with the stock photos, in with authentic, brilliant photography! Photos have always been the key to a beautiful website, but now it’s more about capturing your actual product or service in the wild.

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Full-Screen forms

Like several other website trends, this is a mobile-centric design. From search field to checkout, making the form full-screen allows the user to focus on the task at hand. It also increases the ease of use—especially on a mobile device—and subsequently increases conversions.


Creative hovers

While using a computer, you live and die by the cursor, so why not make it fun? Changing the color of content or adding animation to it as you hover over are two common ways to utilize a creative hover.

Centered content

This trend started as a means of minimalizing content, but now it is being used as a powerful branding technique. The page will often have one large message accompanied by a powerful image causing most of the homepage content to live below the fold. This type of design, with the message changing monthly, is being favored over a carousel.



 Sans serif headings and larger body text

Sticking with the theme of minimal design, san serif text is clean and easy to read. With the majority of websites being viewed on mobile devices (i.e. smaller screens), it’s important for copy to be easy to read. Making it larger and more legible increases your website’s usability.



Scrolling seems to be a controversial topic in the web world. Some web designers think less scrolling is better; some feel infinite scrolling is the way to go. The argument’s point is that when looking at a website on a mobile device, it is easier to keep scrolling than it is to click and refresh the page. Infinite scrolling also decreases a site’s bounce rate by keeping them on the site longer.


If you’re interested in reading about other top web trends for 2016, follow the links below.


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