Decrease in Facebook Likes, Increase In Engagement Ratio

Whether it’s managing a billion dollar company’s Facebook Page or a Page set up to sell Younique mascara, social media managers constantly track Page activity, especially the number of likes a brand has earned.

Well, Page managers have probably noticed over the last two weeks that Page likes have decreased—in some cases significantly. Don’t worry. Fans didn’t unlike the Page due to any reason a manager could control. Facebook took the liberty of removing Page likes from deactivated Facebook accounts in order to keep the Page like count more accurate.

According to Quintly, Pages lost 3% to 4% of their likes due to this adjustment. We have seen a range of decreased likes in the Pages we manage, from losing 7 likes to losing close to 45. Now that’s enough to make any Page manager freak out!

All in all, this is a positive adjustment when it comes to analyzing data. Figures will be more accurate and reliable in the future. When it comes to using Facebook as a business tool, it’s all about the engagement ratio. User engagement with Page content increases that Page’s organic reach. If you have a million likes and only 10 people engage with posted content—a.001% engagement rate—then the Page cannot be considered a successful business tool. However, if you have 150 Page likes and 10 fans engage regularly—a 6.7% engagement rate—now that is a success. So by clearing out these inactive accounts, which are obviously not engaging, this in turn increases the Page’s engagement ratio.

Never truer has been the adage “quality over quantity.”