It’s officially a new decade, and by now, it’s likely that your advertising team has already gotten the hang of running digital ads on Google and Facebook. While these ad platforms have proven effective for many brands, other ad platforms have popped up over the past couple of years, and it may be time to check them out. To keep your advertising strategies up-to-date, here are a few ad platforms to try in 2020.


With the help of music streaming platforms, the way we listen to music is changing, and its opening up new channels for advertisers. While you may be comfortable running ads on traditional radio, trying out Spotify or Pandora ads can be a simple way to start shifting your strategies towards online mediums. Unlike traditional radio, Spotify and Pandora both offer detailed targeting options including age, gender, location, and more, which can help your business reach more niche audiences and allow for you to serve up different creative tailored to those target audience groups. Both streaming platforms offer easy-to-use advertising platforms, so you can ad this in to your 2020 marketing strategy without too much of a learning curve.


Although Pinterest is considered a social media platform, it acts more like a search engine, often driving users with an intent to purchase products or services to businesses’ websites. Ads on Pinterest are created in the form of Promoted Pins, which appear mixed in with a user’s search results on the platform. Since the platform is visuals-based, virtually any company that has photos or videos to share can take advantage of Pinterest, from fashion boutiques and health and fitness brands to real estate agencies and insurance companies. Designing a Pinterest campaign is as easy as creating a pin, targeting your audience, setting a budget, and evaluating your results. An advantage of Pinterest is their targeting options, which allow you to target your ads based on keywords that users are searching as well as their specific interests, age, gender, and more. 

The world of digital advertising is constantly evolving, so it’s important to step out of your comfort zone and try other ad platforms and see how your ads perform. If you are looking to expand your digital advertising efforts to new platforms in 2020, our RobMark team can help! Check out our web services and examples of our work here, or give us a call at 912-921-1040 to start working towards your digital advertising goals.