Elan Technology’s Responsive Redesign Launch

Elan Technology Website

Robmark Web is thrilled to announce the recent launch of the new ElanTechnology.com! With the manufacturing company’s original website built several years ago, it was time for a makeover because the times are a changin’. Especially with Google’s mobilegeddon scare, it was a necessity that the website got an overhaul. If you have visited the site once or twice before, you’ll see that the design is rather similar to the original; however, the changes go much deeper.

Our web team implemented improved back-end SEO techniques, as well as transitioned the design to be responsive, so it is optimized for all mobile devices. But that’s not all! Since Elan Technology does business around the world, the Robmark Web team has made the new website international by adding German translations; Chinese and Korean translations are also in the works.

Elan Technology is located in Midway, GA, and has been developing and manufacturing preforms and spacers using technical glass, ceramics, and glass ceramic composites for over 60 years. Elan Technology is also the largest independent American company in its field! Stop by their website and see all the amazing things they are up to. You can also find them on LinkedIn and Google+.