Facebook Has Changed Its Algorithm… Again

Facebook has been taking notes from Google, and has been changing their algorithm more frequently than usual. On average, Facebook would change their algorithm every two to three months, in attempts to cut down the amount of spammy promotions and deceitful links. However, most recently, there have been four updates in just the past two months, and if you manage a business page, you’re probably not going to like it.

The first update, which we discussed back in March, was when Facebook deleted inactive profiles causing business pages to lose several “likes” from their pages. The next three have been slowly rolling out over the past month, all of which affect the News Feed and subsequently your business page.

It began with Facebook relaxing a previous algorithm change that prevented the News Feed from displaying multiple updates in a row from a single source. This update alone wouldn’t be too bad for business pages if it weren’t for the second change, which reduces the organic reach of posts posted by pages. The change specifically places higher priority to content posted by a user’s friends, and a lower priority on that posted by pages, in turn limiting a pages organic reach to lower than the current 7% reach.

The last algorithm change will adjust the way users see interactions between their friends and other updates. If a user’s friend interacts with a page’s post, and the user is not a fan of that page, their friend’s activity with that page will appear significantly lower on the News Feed, if at all. This will considerably limit a page’s visibility to those users who are not already fans, and also contributes to the reduced organic reach.

By making these updates, Facebook is somewhat forcing pages to pay to boost posts in order to increase their reach. This doesn’t mean that businesses should abandon Facebook; however, these changes do underscore the need, now more than ever, for a thorough social marketing strategy and plans for thoughtful, engaging content.

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