Design changes will be rolling out in your search results on mobile. From the rearrangement of information in ads to the addition of favicons in organic results, Google’s search result revamp is the search engine’s way of decreasing a user’s search time and emphasizing the sources that information is coming from.

Search Ads Branding & Design Changes

The most noticeable changes coming to mobile search results are the branding and layout revamps for search ads. Currently, we have come to expect each search ad to be accompanied by the word ‘ad’ in green, outlined text next to a web address and underneath the ad’s headline. However, with Google’s new changes, search ads will now have the word ‘ad’ in bold, black text displayed next to the web address and above the ad’s headline. Changes to the design and layout of search ads is expected to make sources of information more obvious to users.

Organic Search Results Changes

You may have noticed Google testing website icons in search results on and off over the years, but these favicons are now set to appear in organic search results on mobile over the next couple of days. These favicons are icons that will show up at the top of a search result block to the left of the website’s name and breadcrumbs. The name and breadcrumbs will also both now appear in black text instead of green. Favicons should represent the website’s company or organization’s branding. To set up a favicon for your website, you can follow the steps on Google’s support page here.

Although Google is first making these changes only for mobile, it is expected that they will add them to desktop in the near future. In an effort to highlight sources behind information, these changes to search results are rolling out just as Google has also started adding more images and other visual elements to mobile search result pages to also enhance the overall user experience.