Google’s New Conversion Tools – Estimated Total Conversions


Online ads, such as Google search ads or display ads across the Google Display network, have proven successful over the years at increasing website traffic, online sales and other conversion goals. Google now has a new group of tools—Estimated Total Conversions—that help business owners track whether online ads actually aid in driving foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar establishments.

Estimated Total Conversions is made up of three separate tools—Estimated Cross-Device Conversions, Store Visits and Calls—which give marketers more insight into how AdWords drives conversions. Not only does it show you the traditional online conversions you see today, but it also shows estimated conversions that take place via multiple devices, through in-store visits and from phone call conversions.

Estimated Cross-Device Conversions is the first of the three tools launched under the Estimated Total Conversions umbrella. A cross-device conversion starts as a click on a search ad on one device and ends with a conversion on another device.

The Store Visits tool gives marketers insight on which types of search ads—to include local inventory and product listing ads—motivate people to go into the store. The new tool uses an algorithm to estimate how many people went into a store as a result of seeing an online ad within the past 30 days. Storeowners are given anonymous data collected from smartphone users who have turned on location history on their phones. For advertisers to qualify for Store Visits, they need to verify their location with Google and set up location extensions in their AdWords account.

Store Visits data is now only available in the U.S. and will slowly roll out over the next few months. Though this is excellent data to have, the data collected from Google is only a rough estimate on how many people actually acted after seeing ads.

These new conversion tools have already gained interest from Office Depot, as well as Famous Footwear’s CMO, Will Smith: “The insight that we’re getting from our partners at Google are really showing that the influence of online advertising is, in fact, not only getting people to shop on, but to shop our stores across the country, as well.” After a year of testing, Famous Footwear found that roughly 15-17% of clicks on their ads led to in-store visits.

Keep an eye out for the third installment of Google’s Estimated Total Conversion tools—Calls—in 2015, as well as other Google products to help assist in your online advertising. Robertson & Markowitz Advertising and Public Relation’s web department, Robmark Web—a Savannah, GA website company—specializes in AdWords and other online strategies, including SEO and website development. Start your 2015 off right with a revitalized online marketing strategy with the help of Robmark Web.

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