Happy Social Media Day!

Today, June 30, 2015, marks the 6th official Social Media Day. “Isn’t that every day?” you might think to yourself? With the ever-increasing social landscape one would think so; however, Mashable decided to create an official holiday of it.

Mashable knows social media is about more than posting cute baby pictures and clumsy cat videos, and they are celebrating the impact that social media has each day on global communications with Social Media Day 2015.

Across the world today, social media users can join Mashable Meetups to connect with other users in their area as they learn about the massive growth and increasing importance of social media in business and every day life. Simply follow @MashableEvents on Twitter or join the Mashable Meetup Organizers group on Facebook to get all the details.

Participating is easy; we do it every day! Simply post on your various social media accounts, but be sure to use the hashtag “#SMDay” on those posts today to spread the word.

Social Media isn’t just important for global communication. It’s also important for your business, as it provides an opportunity to foster a more personal relationship with your customers. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, plus countless others, all offer different mediums with which you can interact with current and potential customers. Need a little help setting up or running your social media accounts? Robmark Web has a team of social media experts who can help you grow your customer relationships to new heights!