How to improve your Facebook Algorithm score

The following tips will help you improve your Facebook Algorithm score by helping you optimize your images, improve the affinity of your fans, increase the weight and decrease the decay of your posts. Check your current Facebook algorithm score, and see where your page needs improvement. Don’t forget to call Robertson & Markowitz Advertising & Public Relations for help creating or improving your content.

Photo posts dominate the News Feed space. In just over a year, the percentage of News Feed stories that are photo-oriented grew from 20% to 50%.

Photos in News Feed: Always meet or exceed Facebook’s recommended dimensions for each type because no one “likes” a pixilated picture. The recommended dimensions are 470px wide by 394px tall.

Cover photo: The recommended size for a Facebook cover photo is 851px wide by 315px tall. The minimum accepted width is 399px, but the image will be stretched.

Profile Picture: Profile pictures are recommended to be 180px by 180px. Rectangle images will always be cropped to fit a square. Make sure your image or logo does not get cropped, by starting with a square image. Images larger than 180px by 180px are fine as long as they are square.

Links preview images: The recommended size for a link preview image is 470px wide by 246px tall. If it is smaller than those dimensions, the image will adjust to 154px x 154px.

Improve Affinity:

  • Create and share great content. The better your content, the stronger your Facebook algorithm score will be. Your sense of what people like will become sharper the more frequently you post.
  • Increase your engagement. The more engagement your posts get, the higher your Facebook algorithm “weight” score will be. Taking time to respond to messages and posts will help your engagement rate.

Optimize the Weight:

  •  Facebook is very visual and is considered the world’s largest photo-sharing service with over 200 million photos posted daily. Capitalize on this by frequently sharing images and graphics.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Posts with 140 characters or less receive the most engagement.
  • Tag people and pages.

Decrease Decay:

  • Post on weekends. If you increase the frequency of the high quality content you make by posting on weekends, this can help keep your brand fresh. By posting light-hearted content on the weekends, you help humanize your brand.
  • Post at strategic times. Pay attention to the times you post and the engagement you receive because every network is different. Over all, the better your content is, the better your Facebook algorithm will be.

The variables in which Facebook uses to determine News Feed content changes, but affinity, weight and decay are three main principles of the algorithm. The most recent addition to the algorithm is content on the News Feed that looks like spammy or considered click-bait. It is suggested to make sure your post or headline gives enough information to the reader to decide whether they want to read the article or not. If your post or headline is vague, it will be harder for it to be seen on the News Feed. Don’t forget to call Robertson & Markowitz Advertising and Public Relations if you need help improving your content and increasing your Facebook algorithm score.