iOS brings Ad-Blocking

At the recent Apple event, many new product announcements were made, including a discussion about the newest operating system, iOS 9, which launches at the end of the month. The new iOS system is full of enhancements in performance, security, and battery life, and will give users the ability to do more than ever.

Another feature available on the new operating system is ad-blocking. Users will now have the ability to block mobile ads in Safari, which is Apple’s default browser. Now let’s be clear, Apple is not creating ad-blocking software, but rather allowing third-party blocking extensions to be added to the browser. According to Apple’s developer prerelease documentation, “The new Safari release brings Content Blocking Safari Extensions to iOS. Content Blocking gives your extensions a fast and efficient way to block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups, and other content.” However, your mobile experience won’t be completely ad-free. Advertisements will still be shown within applications, which are where 90% of users spend most of their time, according to Nielsen and comScore.

Advertisers need not worry. Though 70% of users said if they had the ability to block ads, they would, according to a Google consumer survey, this doesn’t mean they will actually do it. Ad-blocking ability has been available on Android devices for a while, and yet the majority of users have not employed that function. In addition to what will be an enhanced user experience, this new iOS feature may motivate a renewed effort on mobile apps and improvements in ad quality. The mobile advertising world is not over, but it is definitely shifting. Do you notice a lot of mobile ads? Will you employ ad-blocking ability on your Apple devices? We’d love to hear from you!