We are halfway through October, and you know what that means — even though we have not even reached Halloween yet, we are being bombarded by holiday decor left and right when we walk through Lowe’s, Walmart, and the like. Although it may seem too soon to start decking the halls for most people, marketers who have yet to finalize their holiday marketing strategy are starting to fall behind. If you are starting to feel the pressure to plan out your holiday strategy, here are some last-minute digital marketing tips.

Optimize your website.

As stores begin to crowd and parking lots start to flood, more and more people are going to opt to complete their holiday shopping online versus in-store. Whether you are a retail store selling the latest in fashion or a business selling gift cards for your services, when a customer enters your site, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. Before the holiday season begins, be sure to do a thorough analysis of your website. Is the homepage eye-catching? Does it feature your holiday deals? Do the pages load quickly enough? Is your shopping cart system running as it should be? Making sure that your website runs smoothly and your best deals are featured on the homepage hero before the holidays kick off to attract more consumers. 

Start asking customers to write reviews.

Around the holidays, people are going to be scouring the internet in search of gifts and deals. One of the easiest ways to boost your website’s visibility and business’ reputation for these online shoppers is by asking your customers to leave reviews on Google, Facebook, etc. Google favors sites with more positive reviews, which will increase your ranking and get you higher up on the search engine results page. This type of user-generated content also influences your customers and gives them a better sense of trust in your business. If you start asking past and future customers to leave a review about customer service, products, and more now, this can increase the likelihood that a user will head to your site when Christmas and Black Friday rolls around.

Send out a holiday e-blast.

Although email marketing may seem like a more old-fashioned digital marketing avenue compared to SEO and social media, sending e-blasts are still an effective and relatively inexpensive way to get your holiday message out to your established customers. While your generic “happy holidays” messages can stay on your social media platforms, e-blasts are the perfect spot to reveal a holiday deal. For example, if you send out an e-blast on Cyber Monday, you will be catching customers during a holiday that is centered around online shopping. Give your subscribers a discount code, offer free shipping, or direct them to the nearest store to save for holiday gifts.

Focus on social media.

For a last-minute marketing strategy, social media can be used to your advantage through regular posting, advertising, and influencer marketing. When you post content, be sure to link to helpful holiday tips from your website’s blog, focus on certain products that can be bought as holiday gifts, or mention new holiday deals. You can also take these concepts and turn them into social media advertisements across Facebook, Instagram, or whichever platform best suits your business. Facebook’s quick and easy-to-understand ad platform can target your audiences while they are scrolling through their News Feed, talking to friends on Messenger, and more. Consumers nowadays also crave content from trusted, local influencers, so partnering up with a local boutique or Instagram users with large followings to showcase your business can give your products or services more exposure before and/or during the holiday season.

Creating a compelling marketing campaign with only a few months to go to the holidays can be a daunting task. However, by implementing some of these digital marketing ideas, the pay off will be worth all the last-minute planning and you can give your consumers a seamless holiday experience with your brand. For any digital marketing assistance before the holidays or throughout the rest of the year, contact us today!