New Facebook Insights Good for Local Marketers


Based on the amount of consumer data Facebook gathers, it has always been an incredible tool for local marketers. The advertising platform uses consumer data to make reaching a very specific target audience possible. But once again, Facebook has outdone itself. To become an even more invaluable resource to local marketers and advertisers, Facebook has launched local insights that can tell businesses who is near their stores.

Business page managers now have a new section within the Facebook page insights tool that measures foot traffic around individual store locations. This is now available to any page that is using the page’s location features. In addition to foot traffic trends, brands that advertise on Facebook will be able to see what share of the people passing by have seen their ad within the past 28 days.

All of the information gathered is aggregated and anonymized, so instead of reporting actual people who have been by the store, it will show weekly, monthly, and quarterly trends of when particular groups of people are more or less likely to be near the store. The tool also provides information on what days of the week or times of the day are the busiest in the neighborhood. Information local marketers will be able to see about users includes gender, age groups—18-24, 25-34, etc.—and whether they are from out of town or live within 120 miles of the store’s location.

This information is being gathered through what users provide on their profiles, as well as the location settings within the Facebook mobile application. If people do not want Facebook to gather general location information, they do have the ability to opt out by changing the location settings within Facebook’s mobile app.

Not only will you be able to see who is near the store, but Facebook has also made it possible to customize ads to each store location. These ads will automatically pull information about the nearest store, such as the address with the option to get directions and a phone number that links to call. Local advertisers will be able to layer this in with the other targeting options the ads manager platform provides.

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