This afternoon I had the opportunity to give a talk on “Optimizing Your Web Presence” at the Coastal Museum Association’s monthly luncheon. I opened by highlighting the fact that Web presence encompasses any and all online avenues by which tourists may find “things to do in Savannah” through the Web, which includes the website as well as Google’s new informational features, blogs, social media platforms, and TripAdvisor. I touched on the importance of responsive websites and the fact that over half of all Internet traffic takes place on mobile devices, which is even more important for the tourism industry. I then gave advice on optimizing a historical site’s presence on Google search results, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and TripAdvisor, and I emphasized the benefits of keeping a regularly updated blog.

As a fellow lover of history, I would like to thank the Coastal Museum Association for the opportunity to share some insights into making the most of the Web. And I would like to thank Mandy for lending her expertise in social media marketing during the Q&A.

Please feel free to view my presentation: “Optimizing Your Web Presence”