Pinterest is expanding its services for advertisers just before its Initial Public Offering (IPO) with the introduction of two new tools for Promoted Pins and Video. These tools are currently available for any brands that have a Pinterest business account, making advertising on the social media platform more effective than ever before.

Promoted Pins

One of Pinterest’s new tools is conversion optimization for Promoted Pins. With conversion optimization, advertisers have the ability to optimize their Promoted Pin campaigns for consumer actions including online checkout, email sign up, and more. Before this new tool, advertisers were only able to optimize for clicks, but now they have the ability to optimize their campaigns for more specific actions. This new tool makes it both easier and quicker for advertisers to reach their goals through Pinterest advertising by targeting people who are most likely to take specific actions.

Promoted Video

Pinterest also unveiled that Promoted Video will now expand to serve advertisers who have traffic or conversion goals by taking users to a landing page with the advertiser’s website. This landing page will also have a close up of the video.

Pinterest building out its advertising offerings will give advertisers easier ways to connect with Pinners based on their individual goals. With 265 million users, Pinterest has quickly become an effective advertising platform over the years. Although Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram remain the social media advertising giants, Pinterest connects you with a different type of audience and is worth looking into for your marketing strategy.