Is Link Building bad?


Link building is a popular strategy used for Search Engine Optimization. Having a link on another website—especially a high ranking website— that opens a door back to your website will help your SEO, in turn, assisting your rankings on Google. There are a few ways Webmasters can build links; some are Google approved, and some aren’t.

Search engines view links as votes for popularity and importance in the ongoing opinion poll of the Web and have since the late 1990s, so when Google Webmaster Trends analyst John Mueller said he tries to avoid it, the world of webmasters came to a halt. Several articles were posted shortly after that statement, including one by a Portuguese Webmaster stating “…to ensure that you are not violating Google’s guidelines: do not buy, sell, exchange, or ask for links.”

Does this mean link building is bad? Not quite. After that post implied that it was, Google responded with some clarification—sort of. Google stated that you cannot “buy, sell, or ask for links that may violate our linking Webmaster guidelines.” To specify on what that vague statement means, link building is good, unless you participate in link building schemes, including, but not limited to, excessive link exchanges, buying or selling links, or keyword-rich anchor text. So, if you follow the rules, link building, in addition to other SEO tactics, can assist in improving your search engine rankings.

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