New Facebook Insights Good for Local Marketers


Based on the amount of consumer data Facebook gathers, it has always been an incredible tool for local marketers. The advertising platform uses consumer data to make reaching a very specific target audience possible. But once again, Facebook has outdone itself. To become an even more invaluable resource to local marketers and advertisers, Facebook has launched local insights that can tell businesses who is near their stores.

Business page managers now have a new section within the Facebook page insights tool that measures foot traffic around individual store locations. This is now available to any page that is using the page’s location features. In addition to foot traffic trends, brands that advertise on Facebook will be able to see what share of the people passing by have seen their ad within the past 28 days.

All of the information gathered is aggregated and anonymized, so instead of reporting actual people who have been by the store, it will show weekly, monthly, and quarterly trends of when particular groups of people are more or less likely to be near the store. The tool also provides information on what days of the week or times of the day are the busiest in the neighborhood. Information local marketers will be able to see about users includes gender, age groups—18-24, 25-34, etc.—and whether they are from out of town or live within 120 miles of the store’s location.

This information is being gathered through what users provide on their profiles, as well as the location settings within the Facebook mobile application. If people do not want Facebook to gather general location information, they do have the ability to opt out by changing the location settings within Facebook’s mobile app.

Not only will you be able to see who is near the store, but Facebook has also made it possible to customize ads to each store location. These ads will automatically pull information about the nearest store, such as the address with the option to get directions and a phone number that links to call. Local advertisers will be able to layer this in with the other targeting options the ads manager platform provides.

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What Is The Best Digital Channel For Local Businesses?

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When it comes to local businesses, generating leads is a case of “work smarter, not harder.” There is very little time or money available to waste on avenues that do not generate any return on investment (ROI). That being said, which digital channels generate the most traffic and provide the most ROI for local businesses?

BrightLocal, a SEO software company, ran a survey with the objective of better understanding which digital channels take the most time and effort, and which ones deliver the greatest return, with hope that these findings could help local businesses make better-informed decisions about where to allocate their marketing time and budget.

Quality Leads
According to the survey, Organic and Local Search deliver the highest quality leads, followed by Direct Traffic and Google AdWords, which has seen an increase in quality leads from 2014. It isn’t much of a surprise that Search—Organic or Local—holds the number one spot, since they both have the advantage of attracting customers who are considered “high intent” and are already engaged in the purchase process, which means they are more likely to convert to a sale.

Direct Traffic also brings in high-quality leads because it is often comprised of returning customers or consumers who are already familiar with the business. This signifies appreciation or trust, which improves conversions drastically.

Social channels, though business owners are spending a reasonable amount of time optimizing them, aren’t delivering high-quality leads. However, social channels have proven valuable as engagement and communication tools used ideally to build brand affinity.

The survey’s findings for ROI are very similar to the findings for quality leads; Local and Organic Search prove to have the highest ROI compared to all other digital marketing channels. Though it does take time and money to develop a well-established, long-lasting presence in Local and Organic Search, businesses are getting out of it what they put in.

Website Traffic
Aside from quality leads and ROI, the survey took website traffic into consideration, as well, and according to the survey, Local Search was the leading traffic source. Local Search beat out Organic Search in the amount of website traffic by 6 percent, which is a 4 percent increase over last year. Local Search gives small and midsize businesses the opportunity to compete against larger brands and websites on the search engine results pages, however, the Local Search real estate is much smaller than the organic listings, especially since Google’s recent switch from seven local results to three.

Local Search has proved to be the winner of the title ‘Best Digital Channel for a Local Business’ with Organic Search as a close runner-up. Local Search drives traffic to your website, develops quality leads, and gives you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to return on investment.

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