Top Web Trends for 2016

Every few years there are certain web design trends that become widespread. We have a feeling that some of these web design trends for 2016 will catch on and become the new norm of what a website looks like.


Have you noticed that websites are all starting to look the same? Making things easier or more familiar for the user often means following the crowd. Interfaces have begun to converge and minimalize, partially due to the increase in artificial intelligence. Content is more likely going to be recommended to the user, reducing the customer’s journey through the website. Don’t get us wrong, user experience is still very important, but content is more straight to the point.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 2.08.02 PM


On the flip side of that coin, Matthew Mombrea, founder of Cypress North and software engineer, thinks 2016 will be the year of originality. Video and animation backgrounds are starting to catch on as a way of standing out against more static websites.


Authentic photography

Out with the stock photos, in with authentic, brilliant photography! Photos have always been the key to a beautiful website, but now it’s more about capturing your actual product or service in the wild.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 3.25.18 PM


Full-Screen forms

Like several other website trends, this is a mobile-centric design. From search field to checkout, making the form full-screen allows the user to focus on the task at hand. It also increases the ease of use—especially on a mobile device—and subsequently increases conversions.


Creative hovers

While using a computer, you live and die by the cursor, so why not make it fun? Changing the color of content or adding animation to it as you hover over are two common ways to utilize a creative hover.

Centered content

This trend started as a means of minimalizing content, but now it is being used as a powerful branding technique. The page will often have one large message accompanied by a powerful image causing most of the homepage content to live below the fold. This type of design, with the message changing monthly, is being favored over a carousel.



 Sans serif headings and larger body text

Sticking with the theme of minimal design, san serif text is clean and easy to read. With the majority of websites being viewed on mobile devices (i.e. smaller screens), it’s important for copy to be easy to read. Making it larger and more legible increases your website’s usability.



Scrolling seems to be a controversial topic in the web world. Some web designers think less scrolling is better; some feel infinite scrolling is the way to go. The argument’s point is that when looking at a website on a mobile device, it is easier to keep scrolling than it is to click and refresh the page. Infinite scrolling also decreases a site’s bounce rate by keeping them on the site longer.


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