Twitter No Longer Crops Images

From websites to social sites, trends show that images are king. Image-based web headers, backgrounds, and navigation are skyrocketing in popularity; Facebook posts with images perform significantly better than non-image posts; and photo-based sites like Instagram and Pinterest continue to grow at astronomical rates. Images have also been linked to high conversion rates.

Because of this, businesses work hard to curate impressive imagery that will attract and convert users. The downfall is that some of these sites have different image guidelines, causing your original image or artwork to be cropped, unless you spend the additional time and money necessary to customize that image to fit each platform’s suggested size guidelines.

Luckily for businesses using the popular micro-blogging platform Twitter, that is no longer the case. Earlier this week, Twitter announced they are no longer cropping images down to what was the size of roughly 1000 pixels by 500 pixels. Additionally, the multi-photo displays will appear larger and more beautiful. This means your images will appear just as beautiful on Twitter as they do on Facebook, increasing the opportunity for clicks and/or conversions.



Instagram also no longer crops its images providing users with more creative freedom. Before this change, Instagram photos would be cropped into a square, often cutting off important parts of images. However, the popular photo site now allows landscape and portrait photos in addition to its square format option.