What Makes A Great Landing Page?

Landing pages have become a staple in the web world. Acting as lead captures, landing pages are a single web page that users are sent to in response to clicking an ad or an optimized search result. But with millions in existence, what sets a landing page apart from the millions of others?

Concise Content

Just like a newspaper, a great headline is imperative to capture the attention of your audience, however, the content and design are what keeps their attention. When it comes to the content on the page, it needs to be concise— the offer needs to be good and the call-to-action needs to stand out. Without a good offer or call-to-action, users will likely leave quickly, causing a high bounce rate. Placing the “meat” of the information and the call-to-action above the fold helps with the conciseness of your landing page. Remember, the point of the page is to capture leads and conversions— make it obvious. If the page continues to have information below the fold, be sure to repeat the call-to-action.

Clean Design

As for the design, clean and straight to the point almost always works best. If there is too much clutter on the page, the user could get distracted, which prevents that person from converting. Having one beautiful image accompanied with the offer is all you need, and the saying “a picture speaks a thousand words” has never been truer. Without good imagery, you’re leaving an opportunity for the user to leave because nothing is keeping his or her attention. Feel free to experiment with other types of media, as well, like video. When considering the perfect image, remember to take size into consideration, too. If the image is too big, it will cause the page to load slowly and your users won’t wait. Also keep in mind that most websites are only 900-1200 pixels wide on a desktop computer, so there is no need to upload an oversized image.

Examples of good landing pages:





Examples of bad landing pages:





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