Yahoo-Firefox Synergy Part 3: Cross-Promotion

The new Firefox-Yahoo partnership rollout keeps getting more interesting and industry-changing. Yahoo, the fourth most popular website in the world, now includes the message “Upgrade to the new Firefox” in its top-right corner next to the precious real estate of its email button. Of course, “the new Firefox” is key because only in the new Firefox 34 does the Yahoo integration appear.

Firefox on

This further highlights that the Yahoo-Firefox contract is proving beneficial to both parties. News has already broken that Yahoo’s search market share has skyrocketed from 10% to 29%. And reciprocally, Firefox now gains, in addition to whatever monetary sum Yahoo has agreed to, a plug on the fourth most popular website in the world.

From this point forward, the more folks who use Firefox, the more web traffic and ad revenue Yahoo will acquire. And the stronger Yahoo becomes as an Internet powerhouse thanks in part to Firefox’s referrals, the more users Firefox will potentially gain from the publicity on We should expect both Yahoo and Firefox to expand their Internet presence in the coming months and years far beyond their “also-ran” statuses of yesteryear.

As a final note, this cross-promotion is, of course, giving Google a dose of its own medicine. Google’s Chrome browser undoubtedly acquired its 60% browser market share in large part from its longstanding promotion on Google’s homepage (the #1 website in the world). Microsoft’s Bing search engine and Internet Explorer likewise prop one another up. The blossoming partnership between the counterpart-less entities Firefox and Yahoo, to us, makes perfect sense.

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